a m e r i c a

our 4th of july was a wonderful one!
we started the morning right with some crepes.
and of course strawberries, blueberries, and whipping creme.
(to correspond with the 4th of july colors of course)
before karson left to work that morning,
he painted my toenails to get me fourth of july ready!
i love him. a lot.
my handsome hubby got off work earlier than usual,
so we were able to spend part of the day together.
(which made me beyond happy)
we quickly got ready, and enjoyed the rest of the day
with family.
& ate some really delicious food made by my sister.
(go check out madetoeat on etsy, and you will see what delicious is!)
in the meantime, i am sewing and selling on etsy!
its kind of an exciting feeling.
especially when you get a sale, and your cell phone
makes a "KA-CHING" sound.
- - - -
 anyway. sewing is keeping me very busy,
which is very appropriate with karson being gone all day.

(go check out babythread on etsy)

- i have moved to sleeping in the middle of the bed now, and one of these nights im convinced i might roll him off of the bed.
- he loves loves chips. i didn't realize you could go through a bag in less than a week.
- he is so supportive.
- we love chocolate chip cookies and ice cream before bed.
- we have almost been married two months!
- he is organized. i am not.

love him.
so much.

happy 5th!


  1. Too cute. Glad you guys seem like you're having a great time. We'll find out tomorrow whether we're having a little girl or a little boy and you better believe I'll be calling you if it is a girl. All your etsy stuff is so cute.

    and... please just look at this picture on the link. you'll understand. kory was laughing so hard cause it is so true.


  2. cute cute cute. you guys are so freaking cute. Also, how awesome is your etsy shop?! Love it.