blue monkey shaved ice.

there is a snow cone truck in downtown.
& let me tell you, i was beyond thrilled when i found this out!
i have been craving one ever since we left utah,
and for some reason, tennessee doesn't have
snowcone stops on every corner!
the snowcone was good, but the color of the truck made it even better!
blue monkey shaved ice.
the other day was "national hot dog day"
& we made a good hot dog!
my sisters are always piling ingredients on theirs,
which i always thought was so very gross.
i was so wrong.
my sister made me a hot dog a couple weeks ago,
and ever since...
i am a fan. a big one.
plus, the homemade pretzel bun made it mouth watering!
alrighty now, please don't make fun.
i found these yoga poses, and supposedly if you do
each pose, everyday for 30 seconds,
your body will feel really awesome.
i attempted it, and only got to number 8.
my new goal is to do all of these poses by the end
of the summer!
--karson doesn't know this yet, but we are going to do this together.
i was going through pictures again...
and thought i would share more photos from the wedding!

 it was so windy on the wedding day.
you can see my hair beginning to get a little knotty.
but i love this picture, so much.
my bridals were done just a couple days before the wedding.
Nicole Christensen took them.
so much fun to work with her.
 this is one of my favorites.
the temple is beautiful and made this day so perfect.
      eeek i love this handsome so much. 
 decorations. & i will not lie, decorating did take a long time.
but we had so much help and were so grateful!
 this picture makes me feel happy.
 deciding on food was probably the hardest for me.
i would not call myself a bridezilla, but when talking about food for the reception...
it may have come out in me just a teensy bit.
i have the biggest sweet tooth, and ended up deciding on just donuts and milk.
which i believe, was a big hit!
 this picture just melts my heart.
these two best friends could not be smiling their real smile more!
aren't they the cutest?
 aw, looking at these pictures make me so giddy.
im so glad we made the decision to get married and spend the rest of eternity with each other!

happy 24 th the other day to all of you utah people!
oh how i miss all of the summer celebrations there.