birthday cake fiasco

my birthday happened yesterday.
& sometimes i really wish that it occurred more than just once a year,
but it doesn't.
so when the day comes you can guarantee it is a well planned day, along with a well planned
birthday week!
a couple of weeks ago we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for the first time,
and i have been craving it ever since.
as part of my birthday week, i planned to go there the night before my
birthday, which we did!
& it was definitely satisfying.
 we got home from dinner and a couple of errands.
& i started making my birthday cake.
"mud pie"
my mom has made this cake for me ever since i can remember,
so of course it was needed... even if she wasn't here to make it.
while i was cake making, karson was wrapping presents.
we started a new tradition.
once the clock strikes midnight, you get to open "just one present!"
& i am pretty sure this tradition started because karson is the worst
secret keeper, and could not wait for me to see all of my new surprises.
which were all darling, by the way.
(he has the best taste).
oh, & isn't his wrapping job amazing?
(he used some of my elastic for a ribbon).
 i woke up to the nicest notes, and he got me some flowers.

 i had a birthday cake fiasco.
i taste tested my "mud pie" to make sure it was up to par,
which tends to happen to me quite often when i am trying to make something exactly like my mama.
it just never tastes as good.
i was distraught. and about to have the teeniest melt down.
so we hurried and whipped up a vanilla cake, with pink frosting.
& it was a "happy" birthday again, and wouldn't of happened without karson!
ps. 20 candles takes a VERY big breath to blow out.

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