we have three more days in hawaii
 & i think we both feel a little sad that its almost time to go.
this was our first day on the island.
the first night we stayed in the turtle bay hotel,
and have since then moved to a condo, 
which is great, and feels like a little home.

we visited the temple,
and just the other day decided to do a session.
we were able to do some of karsons ancestors,
it was a neat experience!

his cute face beat me in a tennis match.
there was definitely a little frustration.
he made it up to me by making me dinner.
he learned how to make them on his mission in argentina.
very tasty.
we watched the sun set.
-hawaii is beautiful-
smells really good.
the dole plantation
we go to the beach everyday.
and everyday i somehow manage to feel like i am drowning
and completely forget how to swim.
-thank goodness for my handsome-
(he saves me everytime).
this past week:
-a wave almost took me out, karson said "i just saw two feet pop out of the water".
-our condo doesn't have very good a/c, and even though karson is blazing, he still lets me cuddle.
-hula pie is to die for.
-the farm house has amazing food. only three items on their menu, and it is divine. we are going again tomorrow.
-pina colada is really really good.
-karson loves to do laundry and dishes. no complaining there.
-i love all of the li hing mui candy here, and its starting to grow on my hubby.
-karson is in charge of the channel changer. im going to have to try really hard to start loving espn. or whatever that sport channel is.
-cooking dinner every night is a lot harder than it looks. 
-hes teaching me spanish. and i can't remember anything except "mi amor" = my love. i think its appropriate.
-when he tries to take a nap, i like to be extra obnoxious so he doesn't go to bed.
-love him.
-we are eating popcorn and watching tv now. bye.

happy sunday!


newly newly weds.

we got married on the tenth of may.
which is less than a week ago.
& me, madeleine, the wife...
is enjoying it thoroughly.
i love waking up right next to him
every morning.
and i mean it when i say right next to him.
(i am a cuddle bug).
we are on our honeymoon in hawaii.
and still have a whole week to go!
we are loving every minute of it.
no more wedding plans, school counselor meetings,
wedding shopping, & etc.
we are both in lala land
*everytime i enter the ocean i have laugh attacks.
which causes karson to laugh as well.
i love him.

more wedding & honeymoon-ish stuff to come