not the last time karson was gone, but the time before i thought to myself,
"i think just maybe this is getting a tiny bit easier."
but then sure enough, the next time he left i felt so sad.
& now this time, i just want him to come home, darn it!
i miss you love. get on a plane.

ps. darling, you scored tonight and it was just wonderful!
rilo has been waking up around 5am as of late. & its starting to catch up to me.
i am exhausted!! however, i am certain the only reason why i can actually roll out of bed
at that time is because of his loud, happy, squeal he does each morning.

also, i just keep thinking about how much fun it will be with a house full of little ones. 
& to have them all wanting my attention at once. that makes me feel giddy.
i am so excited to hear "mama! mama! mama!" over and over again.

isn't our little rilo sparks such a handsome?? ah!!!!!
the last time i posted was right after he was born.
he is so grown up now. & literally just started crying in his crib.
should i go get him? or just let him cry?
hardest decision ever.

happy friday night!

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  1. Mads, you are such an adorable mom!! Keep this blog updated more!

    I can't relate to having a baby (yet) but I can relate when it come sto missing a soccer-playing husband! You're such a cute supporter of Kars and I can tell you are a great number one fan for him and your little babe!