Wiggliest worm.

Yesterday at church I let Rilo lay on the gym floor. He was being the wiggliest of wiggle worms and my arms were feeling like jello, so to the floor he went. It was hilarious. He rolled & rolled & rolled. And kicked the floor, and threw his head back & forth, screamed, etc. It made me smile and laugh, a lot.
Karson got home late last night. It was so happy. I can't even tell you how excited I get sitting on our little couch peeking through the window waiting until a car pulls up. When I see him get out of the car I wait for a couple of seconds & then burst open the front door. I give him the biggest hug & am barely ever ready to let go. My favorite is that we are both smiling ear to ear. 
Sweet rilo sparks has a cold. It is the most awful thing to watch your little one sick. Snot has been coming out of his nose like a faucet. The only upside to him being sick is after he sneezes, he tries to suck his snot off of his lip, acting as though it is incredibly tasty. I assume it's because it's salty, haha!!

Today while I was holding him he sneezed quite a few times and each time he rubbed his cute little nose on my shirt. You could say I had a very snotty shoulder.
Today was good, I love my little family.

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