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rilo sparks: 
you have the cutest rolls. but it isn't fat, it's extra skin. you look like a little monkey sometimes. you love putting your arms up over your ears, and when you do that, your skin gets all bunched up and we just love it so much.
 your hair is pretty long in the back. and its dark, but the front of your hair is getting lighter & lighter everyday. when you wear a beanie it looks like you have a mullet! you also have lots & lots of blonde peach fuzz all over your body. you are just so handsome--like your daddy :)
 your cheeks are getting chubbier, and we just want to kiss them off. you don't seem to mind all of our kisses, so i don't think we will stop--ever.
 you suck your sweet little bottom lip--alot. you also love to grunt, and make the funniest noises. you make your dad and i laugh.
 you love your face tickled. so at night when i am beyond exhausted, and you are completely wide eyed and so awake--sometimes tickling does the trick to get you back to sleep.
 as of right now, you still like sleeping a lot. and after you have fallen asleep on my chest, we cuddle for a little, but then i need to make myself useful and try to lay you down on the bed or in your bassinet--but sure enough within five minutes you realize you aren't being cuddled anymore and i have to come pick you up. & you are such a stinker bug because right when i pick you up--within two minutes you are right back asleep. but i cant lie, i absolutely love our cuddles!
he is almost three weeks old, and it makes me sad how fast time goes by. i know every one says that, but it is so true. 
dishes are just going to have to wait because MAMA is trying to soak up every single second i have with you!

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  1. this is so precious! you have such a beautiful family. :)