35 weeks.

i am sitting in my living room and looking outside. there are so many moms walking their sweet little sunshines in their cute strollers, and i feel a little envious. however, i am just enjoying these last couple weeks as much as i can because it is the only time ever karson and i will have alone again. after our baby boy gets here life is going to be so different, but in such an amazing way and we feel so blessed and excited.
life is getting busier. and when i say life is getting busier i mean karsons life is. i have now officially conquered entertaining myself at our home, alone, every day. but lets be honest, i wont be alone every single day much longer!
35 weeks: 
-my body hurts, and my belly is stretching like crazy-- no stretch marks yet though, thank goodness!
-i have to pee all of the time. and i mean it when i say all of the time.
-baby boy kicks a ton, and sometimes its so hard that it hurts me just a little. or wakes me up and there is no point in trying to go back to sleep because once he gets started, he doesn't stop. i love it.
-my ankles haven't started swelling yet, but after a long day of standing my feet definitely need to be propped up on a pillow.
-i am so hungry, most of the time. but some days the morning sickness decides to come back and i have a difficult time with deciding what i want.
-i really enjoy creamies.
-hes getting so big and strong inside my belly that i have a hard time getting a good breath of air.
33 more days until april 5th.

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