forget the butterflies.

just a couple of days ago we had a quick-ish trip to the ER. karson had left for soccer practice, which left me home alone. i started to get cramps. which usually isn't the best sign when you're pregnant. & these cramps were making me hurt really really bad. soon after, i started getting other symptoms/signs of going into labor. i called karson a million times, but he was in a meeting, so i called my mom. she said to call the doctor, and doctor was out of town and not answering. so then i called the hospital. & it was a machine talking to me. so i hung up and the water works started coming.
i felt scared. i wasn't ready for our baby to get here yet! not that i don't want him, but i knew it was be a very scary process, especially with me being only 28 weeks. (29 tomorrow). 
karson finally answered, and he raced home. we decided it was best to go to the ER and go from there. We did all sorts of tests, and listened to the baby's heartbeats and kicks for a couple hours--which was a very wonderful treat! they finally decided that it was a "tense uterus" (whatever that means) which was giving me these horrible symptoms. they gave me medicine to calm it down and away we went!
so grateful, & happy that our baby boy is still in my stomach growing and getting the nutrients that he needs. & it is such a lovely thing worrying and caring about someone that you haven't even met yet! karson and i are so excited to meet our little one.
(this picture was taken AFTER all of the tests, and everything was perfect with our baby).
the next day karson & i went up to park city for the film festival with abby and maddy. we ate at a restaurant that wasn't very good, and then saw a film that was funny & sad but at the same time not that great. however, it was a fun little outing in park city. main street is just so cute.

my love and i. i found a quote today and it says, "forget the butterflies, i feel the whole zoo when i am with you." isn't it wonderful? ---& its so true handsome :)

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