happy halloween!

i just love halloween. dressing up is one of my very favorite things. & you better believe
that i am already thinking of what me, karson, and our sweet little baby will be for next year!
& hopefully my love wont have a cast on next halloween. he broke his ankle just the night before,
but still let me dress him up because he knows how much i love this holiday.
(i also think he didn't pass it up because it was his only chance to get a pair of leggings on) :)
just a few days ago (the 29th to be exact) i woke up very suddenly because something in my belly was
definitely doing flips or something of the sort. it was the first time i had felt anything like that
and i knew instantly that it was baby payton.
it was only 6 in the morning and karson was still sound asleep so i yelled at him
 "the baby is moving!!!!"
i probably scared the living daylights out of him, but i just couldn't let him miss it!
however, even if he did miss it, there have been multiple opportunities since then to feel our little kicker! feeling the baby for the very first time was such a wonderful moment and ohhh it made me SO HAPPY.

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