having a baby.

it feels like an eternity when i think about when we "found out" we were
having a baby.
i remember for about a week, i was noticing some serious changes in my body.
i naturally thought i was getting a bug, or maybe that tennessee
was really getting me and it was time to head back to utah.
i wasn't sure, but come to find out, it wasn't either of those.

my sister was in town, and the more we went out to eat, the more my stomach would turn.
the night before she left, we all went out to eat, and i knew something was up when
i was having a hard time keeping down my BLT (aka, amazing sandwich).
i whispered to karson later that night that we needed a pregnancy test, asap.

the next day we dropped gabrielle off at the airport and headed home.
i felt too sick to do anything, so back to bed i went.
karson left for work and told me to go to the store to get what i needed.
i was so scared.
but kind of excited.
but nervous, because this wasn't planned, and i am kind of a "planner" with things like this.
i took one pregnancy test.
and it was VERY positive.
but then my crazy brain told me that it wasn't right so i took a second one.
that one was very positive as well.
i was so so stunned. & then i cried because i felt so happy.

karson was still at work and kept calling me asking if i had taken a test yet.
i had to lie. i didn't want to tell him on the phone!
so i whipped out my artistic skills to make the surprise a little more fun. (i know, i am amazing.)
 he was so excited, and it was such a sweet moment for both of us.
and i loved seeing my handsome hunny so thrilled.
-almost 17 weeks pregnant.
-growing so quickly, my belly feels like it could pop.
-i can actually sit by karson when he eats dinner now.
-i am starting to have some good days, which makes my life so much better.
-our baby loves to kick, and hearing its heartbeat makes my heart feel so excited.

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  1. SOO excited for you lady!!!! Glad to hear it sounds like you're feeling a bit better. Totally feel you on your belly growing quickly....I see people who are at the same stage as me and think "where the heck is their baby hiding?" must be a big baby thing :) i seriously started showing at like 12 weeks. hope you keep getting feeling better! we should get together sometime!