the 1st adventure.

our honeymoon was extraordinary.
two weeks in what felt like heaven, was too great.
however. those two weeks did come to and end!
and back to Utah we flew.
only to start our very 1st adventure together.
we got home on a thursday,
and had made a plan to purchase & pick up a new little family member.
meet, zazu.
i held him, and i loved him.
i knew dogs were hard work.
but i also knew that karson would be the best helper ever.
so, we took him!
after living out of our suitcases for a couple days,
and running around like crazies,
(or thats how i felt at least, karson always looks at ease).
we packed up the car to its very limit,
and filled our gas tank,
& me, karson, and zazu were off to Nashville, Tennessee.
 the drive was one of the very longest drives.
karson was awesome and drove probably the entire time,
except for a couple hours.
every time i got behind the wheel,
my eyes would slowly get too sleepy.
karson would make me pull over immediately.
we learned alot about little zazu.
one thing was he loved sleeping in the most odd positions.
 something else we learned was that he was very very mean.
the cute little nervous fur ball we had bought almost a week before,
ended up being a scary biting growling machine.
 being in tennessee a week,
we were about to move into our
apartment after being in a hotel.
the fee for having a puppy in the apartments was a little pricey.
we thought it through carefully,
or maybe it was just me that thought it through...
(karson was sweet & just said whatever i thought was best).
so, we sold him. actually more so just gave him away.
even though zazu and i didn't have the greatest relationship,
i was worried about him.
i needed to make sure he went to a nice family.
and thats exactly where zazu went!
i said a little prayer, and two older women came
driving by, and loved him to pieces.
& zazu didn't even growl at them,
which is a very big deal.
we are out in nashville because karson is selling security systems.
i am not trying to brag, but my husband is rocking it.
he is such a hard worker, and so very determined!
-we celebrated our one month on monday!
more to come about that.
-karson doesn't like breakfast, and i do... a lot.
-im always cold at night, and he is always hot.
-we love watching movies.
-he still likes to help with laundry and dishes.
-and is good at making sure i rest when i don't feel very good.
-we are happy. 

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  1. Hey you! I hope all is well with you guys, you look so happy, I love it!